About Me

Who am I?

My name is Martin J. Quito, and I’m a passionate Web developer graduating from BYU-Idaho this coming July 2015 with a BS in Computer Information Technology, and I have 3 years of experience working in that field. My strong tech skills lies in C# ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, MySQL, SQL Server, Java, and Android Mobile development. I’m very determined, detailed-oriented, and positive in my work. I’m always trying to innovate to optimize existing systems or to create something new from scratch. I have demonstrated problem-solving, interpersonal, and multitasking skills working as Software Developer intern, secretary, and as a volunteer. I have also shown self-motivation, responsibility, and team working in projects.

What do I do in my free time?

I like to play soccer, do Latin-dance, hang out with friends, watch movies, help others, and do programming for fun (codewars.com). I like outdoors stuff like camping, but I don’t always have the opportunity. And, something that I just found out about me is that I like to create things. I like to innovate by creating new things or optimizing existing systems or whatever it is. Some of my innovations is pretty cool, and some is pretty stupid, but hey, I’m just trying to help others.

More about me …

campfire_noketchup I was born in Lima, Peru, born of good parents, came to USA when I was eleven years old, grew up with supportive siblings, learned and went through a lot in life like we all do, and I can only say that Life is Beautiful.

Since I was little, my parents used to tell me that I was a kid that liked to take things apart, that I liked to know how things work. Probably the reason was my father was an electric technician in repairing broken radios, televisions, and other electronic artifacts, so I tried to simulate my dad by dissembling any electronic devices I could find. In short, I was a very curious child.

Grampa and me
Me and Grandpa in Cuzco,Peru

Around 2001, my family migrated to Maryland, USA, and that is when I first got my hands on a personal desktop computer. I remember it had windows 98 installed, and I knew nothing except how the mouse and keyword worked. I was amazed and curious about how computers work, so I began to play around with the system files, control panel settings, firewall settings, internet settings, and anything that is configurable. It came to a time when my home got internet access,AOL dial-up. So as usual, I started to play around with it, and I recall that I felt like a king when I downloaded a mini-clip game for the first time. All of this playing and messing around acts killed my computer so many times that my IT uncle got irked about coming to my home to repair it, but I believe my family were even more annoyed. Even though computer technology fascinated me in so many ways, after graduation, I decided to go for Mechanical Engineering in Michigan Technology University. I attended two years in Michigan Tech where I learned all about Math and the power of engineering. It was a time where I had great losses and great triumphs. Plus, being far far away from home, it taught me lessons that marked my life.

Me in Vina del Mar, Chile
Delicious cake!

That being said, after two years in Michigan, I took one of the most important decisions in my life that have brought me great value of integrity, honesty, patience, vision, determination, self-motivation, and perseverance. That decision was to serve as a full-time representative(or missionary)for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 2 years in Vina del Mar, Chile. You may wonder that I have wasted two years of my life. I believe not. To tell you the truth, I had helped families to have better lives and taught them that there is hope in a world that thinks otherwise. The experiences that I went through with the Chileans have no price. If there is a word or a small phrase to describe what I have gained from those two years, it would be: “never give up.”

After the two years of my service in Chile, I went back to school, but not to Michigan Tech, but to Brigham Young University – Idaho. The best school in the world! Also, my major changed from Mechanical to Computer Information Technology because when I was in Chile, I don’t know the exact moment, I realized that technology is my thing and which I can contribute it to society. .


Me in Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso Te Amo (Chile)
What you do in Houghton, Michigan when there is a lot of snow
In Coquimbo, Chile
MisionVinadelMar 078
The Argentine guy on the far right makes the best meat in the whole world!
MisionVinadelMar 076
A solid family
MisionVinadelMar 071
Before I left Chile, I got a stuffed rabbit as thank-you present!