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On 2014, two developers and I started to develop an Android-App that enables a user to do a Live Video Broadcast (YouTube Live Event) using the camera’s phone. The high-level architecture is for the App to consume the phone’s camera video and Live Stream to YouTube Servers. We call this app the LiveApp.

There are three major things LiveApp needs to do:
(1) Create a YouTube Live event on YouTube
(2) Live stream the video from the camera’s phone to the created YouTube Live event
(3) Share the Youtube Live Event URL with people (facebook, SMS, etc.).

Just imagine the possibilities that an adult, a teenager, or a kid can do with this awesome App! By the way, another similar app has been created by LiveStream

Here are some screenshots of  a YouTube Live Event (a.k.a YouTube Broadcast) that I created on April 16, 2015 11:29AM MT. Here is the URL:

2015_04_16_11.19.02 2015_04_16_11.19.36 2015_04_16_11.19.44 2015_04_16_11.19.57 2015_04_16_11.20.25 live_app




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