For our team’s final project in the System Analyst and Design class, we needed to create a small portable communication program where programmers can share code, chat, and send files to each other. Also, we were required to store all messages and files in a private database. The professor provided us with a couple of java classes to get us started. Honestly, in the beginning I had no idea how to do this, but with patience and perseverance, I did it. Here is a list of what I learned:

  • Server Sockets and Client sockets
  • Text I/O and Binary I/O – InputStream, OutputStream, FileInputStream, DataInputStream…
  • GUI components (JFileChooser, JTextAreaPanel, JPasswordField, JDialog …)
  • MultiThreadServer
  • Better understanding of Exception Handling
  • JDBC in MySQL (PrepareStatement, ResultSet, Connection …)
  • Enhanced For Loop
  • MySQL Workbench
  • The power of loops and arrays
  • Syntax
  • And much more..

Here is the link to download the source code:

If you want a username and password to access the online database, please contact me! Here is a list of the program’s features:

  • Send messages and receive messages
  • Store all messages in the database with a time stamp and the name of the sender
  • Send files to the database and store them with a time stamp
  • Retrieve files from the database
  • Get a list of the stored files
  • Prompts username and password to access the database.

I wished I could had more time to add more features to the program and increase user usability!!!











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