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Java SE – Small Bank Application


For my final project in my Object Oriented Programming I (java focus) class, I created a small Bank Application. In the program you can create accounts, drop accounts, deposit money, withdraw money, charge interest, and much more. Since this was my first time learning a programming language, I didn’t do anything fancy to the program, […]

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My Online Store – Ebay – MeowShop


Not long ago, I noticed that my parents had a ton of stuff that they didn’t use, and I thought that they wouldn’t mind if I sell them. I began by selling Peruvian Handmade teddy Bears, computer components, and any other valuable stuff (Box that one can hope to find in the internet. Since I […]

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YellowStoneJr – My First Collaborative Website


As a team, we collaboratively created a responsive website to apply our class-learning of HTML and CSS. I had a lot of fun developing the website, but at the same time, a lot of stress came to life. But, it was worth it, every sweat of it. I learned a lot. The primary purpose of […]

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