Do you need an awesome flyer?!


Since last fall 2015 and this year, I’ve been creating flyers as a courtesy for friends that needed some help in “getting the word out.” I noticed that I made some really nice flyers even though I’m not a graphic design person — I’m a developer. So, I want to share my creations with you. […]

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Get your accurate Stock Quote Prices right here!


This web app lets you get the current stock prices and other valuable information of a company. I’m using this awesome API from Markit-On-Demand (a successful tech branch of Markit, a global financial information company) to get the data. Here are the links to check this awesome mini web app: Link to App: […]

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I’m learning Python and here is my first Snippet


This past week I started learning Python, and I find Python to be really, really cool. I’m using Python’s official website tutorials to learn, and I got to a point that I wanted to test out what I’ve learned so far. I went to my good to find some fun exercises, and I found […]

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JS, HTML5, CSS3 – Weighttrack Mobile App


Weighttrack is a revolutionary mobile Application that will let you keep track of your weight with ease. This app will work with all major mobile browsers and desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). The app will do the following: (1) As a user, I want to input my weight daily so I can keep track […]

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Android App – LiveApp


On 2014, two developers and I started to develop an Android-App that enables a user to do a Live Video Broadcast (YouTube Live Event) using the camera’s phone. The high-level architecture is for the App to consume the phone’s camera video and Live Stream to YouTube Servers. We call this app the LiveApp. There are […]

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For our team’s final project in the System Analyst and Design class, we needed to create a small portable communication program where programmers can share code, chat, and send files to each other. Also, we were required to store all messages and files in a private database. The professor provided us with a couple of […]

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Java SE – Small Bank Application


For my final project in my Object Oriented Programming I (java focus) class, I created a small Bank Application. In the program you can create accounts, drop accounts, deposit money, withdraw money, charge interest, and much more. Since this was my first time learning a programming language, I didn’t do anything fancy to the program, […]

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My Online Store – Ebay – MeowShop


Not long ago, I noticed that my parents had a ton of stuff that they didn’t use, and I thought that they wouldn’t mind if I sell them. I began by selling Peruvian Handmade teddy Bears, computer components, and any other valuable stuff (Box that one can hope to find in the internet. Since I […]

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YellowStoneJr – My First Collaborative Website


As a team, we collaboratively created a responsive website to apply our class-learning of HTML and CSS. I had a lot of fun developing the website, but at the same time, a lot of stress came to life. But, it was worth it, every sweat of it. I learned a lot. The primary purpose of […]

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